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Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion Revised & Expanded (Smith)

August 21, 2011

Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion
Revised & Expanded
Shane Smith draws on more than 20 years’ gardening experience to offer commonsense advice for creating a charming and productive greenhouse. This completely revised and expanded edition features:

Important things you should know before you buy or build a greenhouse;
Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion Revised and Expanded

More detailed information on greenhouse construction, heating options, interior design, and adding solar heat to any greenhouse;

Expanded section on natural pest and disease control, with updated information on integrated pest management (IPM) for those who prefer to control “bad bugs” with “good bugs” rather than with toxic pesticides;

The latest greenhouse gadgets, from glazing to venting, misting, and watering devices;

A special section profiling more than 300 plants, plus scheduling tips for producing year-round blooms and food-crop harvests;

New section on orchids introduces the basic orchid families and provides practical advice for growing species successfully;

More than 250 new illustrations, plus copious instructive photos and charts;

Detailed appendices listing garden associations and suppliers (with website addresses), climate information, helpful references, and more.

This is a must have reference for anyone who has a greenhouse or is considering greenhouse gardening. 497 pages. Soft cover.

I just Love this book it has alot of useful information for the greenhouse or for general gardening I bought mine on for half the price 11.95 plus shipping …….


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