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Buy, Sell, Swap, Meet, Barter, and Negotiate For Free

October 9, 2011


3 Easy Steps To Using SwapAce

SwapAce allows you to SWAP, SELL, BUY & MEET.

You can exchange items and/or money.  The diagram below shows how  SwapAce can be very powerful for swapping items and/or money.

For more information, you can view our help article for Getting  Started

Our Vision

SwapAce is an organisation with the vision to be “the fun,  unique, trusted marketplace, where millions worldwide interact”.

Buy, Sell, Swap, Meet

If you’re here, it means you are looking for an online  marketplace with a difference. Frustrated with traditional forms of  buying and selling online (which has mostly been limited to auction  sites and classifieds), SwapAce was born from the desire to trade with versatility.

If you wanted to simply buy something online for the best price,  then some of these existing systems would be adequate for the task. But  what if you wanted to choose who you bought from? What if you wanted to  make a choice based on factors like distance, feedback, or simply how  much you like the person selling what you want? Existing systems would  not allow this sort of versatility, and so SwapAce was created to bring  you a greater range of choice.

We wanted to give sellers a bit more of this choice as well.  Normally, you would simply advertise your item and at the end of the  advertisement period you would be pretty much stuck with having to sell  your item to a particular person. We make it possible to negotiate the terms of an agreement with other parties. You can make offers and  counter-offers until both of you are happy.

The vision of SwapAce is also to extend the online marketplace to  people who might want to swap or barter goods and services. If you  don’t use something anymore, you could certainly give it away and  recycle. But you don’t have to; you can also swap it for something you  might want to use. Bartering worked long before the introduction of  currency, and it works today. Swapping or trading stuff is a great way  to recycle.

You can also meet people at SwapAce. We think this is a simple  extension of a marketplace; meeting people with similar interests and  forming online communities. To this end we’ve created forums for people to  discuss well, anything, and we encourage people to trade within their communities (either interest based or location based).

Okay, if you’ve read enough about how SwapAce rules and other  sites drool (no more bad jokes, we promise), then why don’t you give it a  try? Register an account and see for yourself.

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