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Home-made mayonaise

October 21, 2011
Carol Dale
Home-made mayonaise -(double batch)2 eggs
… 1/2 t salt
2 C oil (I use 1 1/4 C canola and 3/4 C light olive – there has to be less than half olive, or it won’t make an emulsion.)
2 T lemon juice

1. Put the eggs in a wide mouth quart jar.

2. Add the salt.

3. Blend together for 20 seconds using a stick blender, moving it around to blend thoroughly.

4. Add the oil, one cup at a time, drizzling it very slowly at first, until the emulsion starts to get thick. Then you can add it faster.

5. Move the stick blender up and down while blending to incorporate the oil into the mixture more thoroughly.

‎6. After all of the oil is added, with a rubber spatula, incorporate the lemon juice, being very careful to scrape the sides and incorporate the lemon into the mixture as thoroughly as possible.7. At this stage, you can add other flavori…ngs if you want to. Horseradish is good, or a little sugar and clove, or herbs or cayenne pepper, or whatever you like.8. Put the mayonnaise in a different container than the one you made it in for storage. If there is any mayonnaise on the sides of the jar that doesn’t have lemon juice in it, it will go bad a lot faster, so you want to remove the mayonnaise from that jar and put it in another container for storage.


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