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This blog is about my passion and full time hobby Gardening ,I will rename it once I figure out how this works haha .I will be naming it Gardening on a shoe string ,I will have links to articles and sites I find along the way,as well as what I’ve found at the local thrift store. This is my first year growning food and it is coming along very nicely I might add, This is my test ,practice garden this year since I haven’t actually grown food since I was a kid also this year I grew everything from seed so rewarding. Thanks for visiting my 2nd blog and happy Gardening!!!!


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  1. December 25, 2011 4:48 am

    I in no way have presented any of the articals as my own I list the auther and give full credit I have recently had some say I have stolen their work that has NEVER been my goal ,I find info on the net and repost it guess your not supposed to do that so if I was wrong I am truely sorry that was NOT my intent EVER!!!

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